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Criminal Lawyer in Indore

Criminal Law Practitioner in Indore

Among the various very well known criminal lawyer advocate J.S. Rohilla is considered to be the best criminal lawyer in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). He is known for handling a lot of comprehensive cases under criminal law. He is known for providing legal protection to his clients and protecting them from the harassment given to them by police after obtaining lawful orders from the high court.

Criminal Laws in India are considered to be highly technical and extremely complex, and hence requires a unique set of excellent skills in order to understand and interpret them. Our firm possesses one of the most experienced and efficient team of skilled and qualified criminal advocate in Indore. This team has enabled us to win several criminal cases in Sessions/District Court, and at Appellate stage before the High Court and the Honorable Supreme Court of India with the help of finest criminal lawyer in Indore.

Our team has handled several cases of Indians and Foreign Nationals of criminal and quasi-criminal nature. Our focus is not only on winning the cases for our clients, but we also believe in client satisfaction. We are committed to help our clients upto the high level by providing them best services in Indore. Criminal litigation becomes more critical because of the fact that conviction in a criminal trial brings along severe consequences. There is a general perception that criminal lawyers are very busy with their work and hence could not manage to give their clients enough time. We have a separate team dedicated to overcome this problem, which assist you to get criminal advocate in Indore and establishes a systematic channel of communication with the clients in order to listen to them and understand their problem by giving them enough requisite time. It also provides status update to the clients about the progress in their respective cases.

Advocate J.S. Rohilla is known for handling various types of successful criminal matters for the different types of clients that may include bodies, corporates, companies, individuals, societies as well as NGOs. He is known for providing his experience guidance in the following matters:

  • Various complaints are to be filed for the dishonour of cheque under section 138 of N.I. Act.
  • Different cases related to marriage offence under dowry prohibition act of Domestic Violence Act of IPC.
  • He is also known for handling various offences case related to drugs that are punishable under the NDPS act.

So if you are looking for a knowledgeable criminal lawyer in Indore who is holding several years of experience in handling offensive criminal law cases at very affordable fees then you must check out advocate J.S. Rohilla’s website as he is holding several years of experience in the field of law. Being the best criminal lawyer in Indore he has worked closely with a lot of clients by helping them to make better decisions. He is known for providing regular advice and has represented the clients in a wide range of criminal cases at different Indore courts and also provide the right suggestion to them that are best for their life. It could be a challenging job for an individual to find a good criminal lawyer in Indore as there are thousands of lawyers present there but you cannot check their authenticity. So we suggest you to once go through advocate J.S.Rohilla’s website to have an idea about his experience and quality of services.


  • • Regular Bail
  • • Anticipatory Bail
  • • Appeal in High Court and Supreme Court against Rejection of Bail Application


  • • Drafting and Filing of Complaints before the Police or Magistrate/Court
  • • Filing of First Information Reports (FIRs)
  • • Quashing of FIRs and Criminal Complaints under Section 482 by the High Court


  • • Criminal Appeal
  • • Criminal Revision
  • • Appeal before the Honorable High Courts and the Honorable Supreme Court of India

Criminal litigation is way different from civil litigation as the former rushes to punishment as per the penal law and the latter tries to settle with compensation and dispute resolution. Criminal law demands fine as well as punishment in order to make it more deterrent for the existing criminals in the society. We have a specialized team dealing with such cases where we put in our best of efforts to provide the appropriate relief.


Want to get the best criminal lawyer in Indore? We are a group of lawyers who have ample skills to handle the criminal cases. You can comprehend how the defence lawyers give you the best solutions and thus you can now get rid of all the worries. We are here to analyze your entire case and you can now get familiar with all positive aspects. It’s time to consult with our expert lawyer and we ensure that you would feel confident in real-time. We give you 24*7 support and you can reach us anytime and we are here to help you with the best of our services.


We offer the best solutions at an affordable price and thus you can now lead a better way of life. WE are here to come up with the techniques ensuring that you can win the case at your ease. It’s time to get justice and we are here to help you with all feasible options. Our lawyers have expertise in handling civil litigation cases and you can thus comprehend why we are the best. Our lawyers have ample skills and they make you feel confident ensuring that you are in the right place.


We here come up with the licensed lawyers and you can now start the consultation that helps you to understand how he/she would make the initial approach. We here work on the evidences and we ensure that we put the valid documents and our lawyers help you to get the best results.

It’s time to explore us and we would give you the solutions that make you feel happier. We give you a free quotation mentioning all details and thus you find it easy to make the right decision. Our best criminal lawyers in Indore have valid license and you can now book a consultation with our experts.

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