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The Domestic Violence Act of 2005 of India lawfully describes domestic violence as well as the prosecution guidelines of those cases that are reported to the police. According to Section 3 of the Act, the respondent will continue to cause domestic violence if:

  • He harms the health, life, limb, or physical or mental well-being of the aggrieved or tends to cause physical, sexual, economic, verbal, or emotional abuse to her
  • Threatens or has the threatening effect on the aggrieved or any person related to her
  • Harasses or harms the aggrieved with an intention to coerce her or any other person related to her so as to meet an unlawful demand like dowry
  • Causes any other physical or mental harm to the aggrieved

This is a different form of crime that is being brutally taken against a person. This includes many steps that are just enough to give birth to unknown dilemma and fear in a man who has gone through this situation. Personal crimes are also notified under this heading, yet they are unevenly distributed in the country India. With those racial minorities committing these crimes more than others are punished accordingly.

The term domestic violence is used to denote the presence of a close relationship between the offender and victim.

Kinds of abuse :

  • Controlling
  • Physical and sexual harassment
  • Sexual and emotional intimidation
  • Emotional abuse
  • Isolation and deprivation
  • Verbal abuse and coercion
  • Financial abuse and threats

Domestic violence is still a dark reality in India and takes place in different forms.

Levels of harassment

Not only that it includes mental or physical harassment, it also includes cases like- murder, rapes, brutal robbery, dacoit, assault to a level of aggravated aggression upon a person. There are broad array of domestic violence offenses, which usually involves harm including physical harm. Domestic violence is also a part of this act.

The verdict

In Section 3 criminal law, the verdict that is given to the person suffering from any sort of assault usually refers to crime that is committed by direct physical harm or the force that is being applied to another person. Homicide is another burning area that is increasing day by day.

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