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How to Deal With Abusive Mother in Law?

  1. Set boundaries: Clearly communicate what behaviors are unacceptable to you and ask her to respect them.
  2. Avoid confrontation: Try to limit or avoid direct interactions with your abusive mother-in-law, especially if they lead to arguments.
  3. Seek support: Seek help from friends, family, a therapist or a support group for emotional support.
  4. Stand up for yourself: Confront the behavior and be firm and assertive in your response.
  5. Address the situation with your partner: Have a conversation with your spouse about the situation and work together to find a solution.
  6. Seek legal protection: If the situation becomes physically or emotionally dangerous, consider seeking a restraining order or other legal protections.
  7. Focus on your own well-being: Remember that taking care of yourself and protecting your own mental and emotional health is the most important thing.
  8. If all this dont work you may contact:

Advocate J.S. Rohilla

Cell: 8827122304.

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