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Advocate J.S. Rohilla in Indore

Advocate J.S. Rohilla Alumni of prestigious Indore Cristian College; Law College established in 1887 in Indore; Madhya Pradesh. One of the oldest and prestigious Law College of Central India. He graduated in Law; LL.B (Hons.) from DAVV of Indore. Then, he got admitted into Bar Council of Madhya Pardesh and got enrolled as an Advocate in Indore. Since then he has been practicing Civil & Criminal law at Madhya Pradesh High Court, Indore.

Advocate J.S. Rohilla provides broad spectrum of legal services in Indore to clients and well known for his expertise in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Divorce law, Property Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Succession, Landlord Tenant Disputes, Arbitration Law, & other matters related to fundamental Rights, Motor Accident claims, Commercial Contract litigation, Consumer disputes, Service matters and Company Matters.

Contact Advocate J.S. Rohilla for any type of Civil & Criminal cases in Indore.

Services by our Lawyers team in Indore

  1. Corporate

  Advocate J.S. Rohilla is one of the best corporate lawyer in Indore to render its strategically designed range of advisory, liaison and compliance/governance related services. The expertise of our team covers the field of competitive law, banking and finance, family business, corporate and commercial law, capital market, RIETs & INVITs; making it one of the top corporate lawyer in Indore.

  1. Employment Law

The Employment Law practice, led by us in Indore, is reputed for rendering practical and proactive advisory services to organizations that fine-tune the balance between organizational goals and individual aspirations in Indore.

  1. Intellectual Property

Our IPR practice is up to snuff placing it amongst the best IPR lawyer in Indore. Our capabilities encompass a wide array of practices including Designs, Copyrights, Trademarks, etc. Additionally, it is also one of the few premier media and entertainment lawyer in Indore.

  1. Real Estate

As one of the key solicitor firms in Indore, our Real Estate practice offers a gamut of services ranging from due diligence to compliances. The team works in close concert with other practice areas like tax, renewable energy, etc. to deliver an all-encompassing service to its clients, thus placing it at the top amongst the eminent list of law firms in Indore for Real Estate related legal services.

  1. Dispute Resolution

Apart from one of the best corporate lawyer in Indore, we also houses an impressive Dispute resolution team. It has a local and nationwide practice base, utilizes the talents of its lawyers in Indore across all forums including the Hon’ble MPHC, district courts, tribunals etc.

  1. Tax

Our Tax vertical team comprises of industry specialist and corporate lawyers in Indore that offer a comprehensive range of legal solutions to address their client’s local as well as international Tax requirements designed to optimize their business objective making in Indore.

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions

Our team of lawyers in Indore offers advice on the full range of public and private M&A transactions with proven virtuosity in complex cross-border deals, domestic transactions and strategic joint ventures, making it one of the go-to law remedies in Indore for M&A advisory and consultancy.

  1. Technology Law

With the exponentially growing tech industry, offers dynamic assistance to tech companies in compliance. Additionally, since Tech Law hangs together with Intellectual Property matters in most cases and as one of the leading IPR lawyer in Indore, We also extends its expertise towards maintaining IPR portfolios of the companies and assisting them to venture into new areas of investment, innovation and sales.

  1. Funds

We are amongst the few lawyers in Indore, that offer a comprehensive fund advisory and consultancy service. Its expert services are extended in areas of Project Finance, debt structuring and restructuring, private equity, venture capital P2P funding etc. placing it at par with the top lawyers in Indore.

  1. Renewable Energy

We are amongst the few lawyers in Indore, that offers a diverse cross-functional renewable energy team offering all-encompassing in-depth experience from setting up of the energy projects to consulting and advising on project and equipment finance in Indian and foreign currency.

  1. Infrastructure and Energy

The Infrastructure and Energy practice stands nip and tuck with the best lawyers in Indore owing to the carefully crafted range of services; from pre-bidding support to assistance in banking and finance matters, extended to instrumental Government agencies and private sector players.

  1. Government, Regulatory and Compliance

The Government, Regulatory and Compliance vertical of our team is a multi-professional team comprising of attorneys and chattered accountants that are well versed in legal compliance implementation in the country with decades of experience, thereby making us most congruous and holistic legal solutions provider in Indore.

Contact Advocate J.S. Rohilla for any type of Civil & Criminal cases in Indore.

Advocate J.S. Rohilla

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