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Civil Lawyer Indore

What is the role of Civil Lawyer in Indore?

A civil lawyer job involves advocating civil cases which mainly involve disputes on matters of property and legal claims. He or she provides support to people in acknowledging and getting their legal rights. Career as a civil lawyer in Indore involves working on behalf of clients in setting legal disputes on matters of businesses, property, and people. In order to become a successful civil lawyer, it is necessary to empathise with people and society.

Acquiring Information

A civil lawyer is responsible for observing, receiving and obtaining information on legal disputes from various sources.

Decision making

A civil lawyer is responsible for making essential decisions to inform and evaluate results to provide solutions and resolve problems.


A civil lawyer is responsible for ensuring processes are in compliance with the laws, regulations and standards with the usage of relevant information and relevant judgement.

Resolve complaints

A civil lawyer handles non-criminal matters of civil disputes. He or she handles complaints, settles disputes and resolves conflicts between two parties. A civil lawyer negotiates with others.

Interpretation of Legal Terms

A civil lawyer is responsible for interpreting the meaning of legal terms used in the hearing or documentation to the client. He or she translates or explains it in simpler words to make it easy to understand by the clients.

Types of a Civil Lawyer

There are varying jobs for civil lawyers in India. Some of the major types of civil lawyers are mentioned below.

Divorce Lawyer: A divorce lawyer is civil lawyer who handles the cases of disputes among spouses. He or she is responsible for the legal division of assets and debt. A divorce lawyer sets the term for child custody and support.

Family Lawyer: A family lawyer is a civil law professional who handles the cases of family disputes such as alimony, abuse, family partitions, successions, divorce and child custody. He or she provides support to clients in resolving issues related to family matters.

Intellectual Property Lawyer: An intellectual property lawyer is responsible for dealing with cases that involve intellectual and creative innovations and work. An intellectual lawyer focuses on areas concerning copyrights, patents, trademarks, industrial design rights, duplication and others.

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