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Criminal Lawyer in Indore

“If there were no bad people there would be no good lawyers” — Charles Dickens

Welcome to the front lines of the legal profession. A Criminal Lawyer is a practitioner of Law with a preferred practice of Crimes and Punishments, representing the State on hand and defending the Accused on the other hand. Lawyers representing theState/ the Government are also known as Public Prosecutors, they serve as the voice of the State as a policing system and assistthe Courts by carefully and articulately putting the facts and evidence on record for the Criminal act to be tried and punished. Onthe counterpart, a Defense Lawyer defends the client who has been accused of a crime and assists the Court in considering theplea for the innocence of the accused. It is a fast-paced practice area and therefore requires effective practical training before oncan professionally pursue it individually. To become a Criminal lawyer it is very important to be able to work under pressure andbe able to think on your feet. Criminal law involves a lot of research and evidence gathering, therefore being able to deal with information promptly will serve you well.

Eligibility to become Criminal Lawyer in Indore

To pursue Criminal Law, you must have a relevant LLB (bachelor’s) degree in Law.

You past have passed 3 or 5 year LLB (bachelor’s) degree from a recognised university to get admission into a masters course One of the best career routes to get into a Criminal Law is to work/ intern under a Criminal Lawyer and gain experience in Criminal trials and cases. This will provide you with the required experience.

Types of Job Roles Criminal Lawyer in Indore

There is an ample number of job roles/ profiles available for Criminal Lawyers in Indore that one can opt based on their interest and skill set. Some of the job roles for Criminal lawyers are given in detail below:

Government Advocate

Government Advocates are the advocates who are hired by the state or by the central government to represent them in court cases. To become a Government Advocate, recruitment exams are conducted by UPSC and State Level Public Commission. Government Advocates are selected on the basis of the same to represent the government. The states are just like the artificial person, so they also need someone to represent them in front of the court during any allegation against them

NOTE- Every Government Advocate is a Private Lawyer But Not Every Private Lawyer is a Government Advocate. Government Pleader Government Pleader is an officer appointed by the State Government to perform all the functions imposed by the Code of Civil Procedure on the Government Pleader. The job role of the Government Pleader is to draft pleadings and pleads in the court of law on the behalf of the Government.

Public Prosecutor/ Additional Public Prosecutor

The main job role of the Public Prosecutor is to represent the case from the States-side (State Government) against the suspected criminal in a criminal case or in criminal prosecution. An additional Public Prosecutor is a part of the state’s judiciary and is in charge of litigation and all other procedures.

Criminal Law Practitioner in Indore
The job role of the Criminal Law Practitioner is to address key Criminal Law Issues in such a way that they are useful for lawyers, judiciary and students.


A lecturer who specialises in Criminal Law will be responsible for teaching undergraduate/ postgraduate courses in Criminal law and its practices. A Criminal Law lecturer will be responsible to undertake and develop high-quality research and scholarly publishing. Lawyers who have an advanced qualification, relevant experience and research in Criminal Law usually become lecturers in the respective specialisation.

Employment Sector/ Industry for a Criminal Lawyer in Indore

There are a number of employment opportunities for Criminal Lawyers in different industries. Some of the top sectors that hire Criminal Lawyer are listed below:

Legal Practice
Law Firms
Law Colleges/ Law Universities
United Nation Organisations
Legal Websites

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