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Dispute Resolution in Indore

Dispute Resolution in Indore : Alertnate Dispute Resolution Lawyer in Indore

In case you are looking for Alternative Dispute resolution lawyer in Indore we provides the best of the lawyer who are experts in resolving your disputes trough alternative dispute resolution metohds in Indore. A dispute usually occurs when a disagreement between parties is resolved without going to court, even though there may be grounds for legal action. Dispute resolution is commonly associated with low-level cases, such as a dispute between neighbours or separating couples. Dispute resolution is also important for businesses and employers, as disputes frequently occur in the workplace or over contracts for example. Generally, there are few civil matters that cannot be resolved through dispute resolution, which also tends to be cheaper and quicker than going to court.

Occasionally a court will actually order parties to attempt dispute resolution before their case will be heard. Civil cases brought before the magistrates court or family disputes are common examples of cases a court will not hear unless dispute resolution has been attempted.

Dispute resolution generally involves the parties involved coming together and engaging in discussion in an attempt to find agreement. The parties may obtain assistance from a lawyer or professional mediator when undertaking dispute resolution.

There are various types of dispute resolution, including:


Disputing parties communicate directly through speech or writing in an attempt to reach agreement. This is usually the first step in the dispute resolution process, often more action is required for an agreement to be found.


Involves the inclusion of an impartial person (the mediator) in discussions in an effort to help the disputing parties find resolution. Mediation is especially useful if the parties involved in a dispute have are in clear conflict with one another.


A process similar to mediation, but for groups that are in conflict rather an individuals. Facilitation is also led by an impartial person (a facilitator).


Is basically a specialised form of mediation. Conciliation is carried out between disputing parties with the assistance of a conciliator. The conciliator is generally an impartial person who has experience in the matter of the dispute and is able to advise the parties on their rights and obligations. Useful in situations where advice on rights and responsibilities may be required, such as equal opportunities disputes.


A more formal process, arbitration involves disputing parties submitting a case to an independent third party (the arbitrator). The parties are then bound by the arbitrator’s decision. Arbitration may be voluntarily entered by both parties, but often one party applies and the other is then ordered to participate. Arbitration is most often used in commercial contract disputes, or industrial relations disputes such as those between unions and employers.

Arbitration is the only form of dispute resolution where the parties involved do not come to their own agreement. Mediators, facilitators, and conciliators offer advice and information but are not able to make a decision on how the dispute is to be resolved.

Some law firms also offer dispute resolution services, or will represent you in the dispute resolution process.

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