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Consumer Fourm Lawyer in Indore

High Court Advocate in Indore

Advocate J. S. Rohilla is noted Civil & Criminal Lawyer in Indore, practicing Civil & Criminal law mostly at Indore High Court. Advocate J.S. Rohilla Alumni of prestigious Indore Cristian College; Law College established in 1887 in Indore; Madhya Pradesh. One of the oldest and prestigious Law College of Central India. He graduated in Law; LL.B (Hons.) from DAVV of Indore. Then, he got admitted into Bar Council of Madhya Pardesh and got enrolled as an Advocate in Indore. Since then he has been practicing Civil & Criminal law at Madhya Pradesh High Court, Indore.

Criminal law is his Passion and he believes that “no case is indefensible”. He practices criminal law at almost every level including Trial, revisional, appellate, Writ or SLP. He also accepts brief for Trial Court and High Courts. He is assisted by a team of advocates in drafting’s and legal research. All his associate advocates and interns are also from reputed law schools across India and are well trained.

His area of practices includes Cases related to Anti-Corruption (P.C.Act), Disproportionate of Asset Case, Corporate fraud, Economic Offences, White Color Crimes, Cheating, Criminal Breach of trust, Sexual Harassment & Rape, Sexual Crime against children-POSCO, women and child trafficking, murder, kidnapping & abduction, robbery, NDPS, MACOCA, UAPA, offence related to passport & immigration, sedition, terrorism, defamation, contempt of courts and Other Offences related to Cyber, pornography, Economic fraud and Commercial Disputes, mostly investigated by CBI, NIA, EOW, ED, SFIO, Crime Branch and other Special branches of the Investigating agencies. The above said areas of practice is not exhaustive however, it is summarized as under:

  • Bail & Anticipatory Bail, Trial, Appeal etc. in general offences described in Indian Penal Code 1860, as amended up to date;
  • Anti-corruption & Disproportionate of Asset Cases (DA Cases), under P.C. Act (Trial by CBI Courts).
  • NDPS Cases, NIA Cases, CBI Cases etc.
  • Cases related to Organized Crimes viz. MACOCA, NDPS & ITPA etc.
  • Cases related to UAPA & PMLA.
  • Sexual Offences & POCSO, etc.
  • Cases related to women & child Trafficking, Drugs, counterfeit currencies etc.
  • Cases related to passport and immigration, terrorism, sedition, waging war against government of India, fugitive offenders etc.;
  • Economic offences, money laundering, Enforcement Directorate, SEBI, FEMA violation, prosecution under Company Act, 2013 etc.
  • Cyber Crimes & Offences related to internet, pornography, phishing, data theft, Hacking, offence etc.
  • Cases related to the Offences of crypto currency & breach of cyber security and counterfeit coins.
  • Cheque bouncing cases under Section 138/142 of NI Act.
  • Matrimonial disputes, domestic violence, dowry harassments, dowry death, maintenance case etc.
  • Cases related to the offence of abatement, conspiracy, offences related to elections, public servants, coin & government stamps, weights & measure, Public health & safetly and religion etc.
  • Cases related to the offence of theft, robbery, dacoity, trespass, ulawful & wrongful confinements, abduction & kidnapping etc.
  • Cases related to the offence of murder, bodily injury, attempt to murder, rape, kidnapping etc.

As a high court lawyer in Indore, and as a legal professional who practices law in the high court, which is a court of superior jurisdiction, in our country.

Here are some of the key responsibilities of a high court lawyer:

  1. Appearing in court: High court lawyers represent clients in court proceedings in front of a high court judge. They argue on behalf of their clients, present evidence, cross-examine witnesses, and negotiate settlements.
  2. Providing legal advice: High court lawyers provide legal advice to their clients on matters related to civil and criminal law. They help clients understand their legal rights and obligations and advise them on the best course of action to take in a particular legal matter.
  3. Drafting legal documents: High court lawyers draft legal documents such as writs, petitions, appeals, and legal pleadings on behalf of their clients. They ensure that these documents are legally sound and protect their clients’ interests.
  4. Conducting legal research: High court lawyers conduct legal research to stay up-to-date with changes in the law and to build strong cases for their clients. They use legal databases, case law, and other resources to develop legal arguments and strategies.
  5. Negotiating settlements: High court lawyers may work to negotiate settlements with the other party in a legal dispute. They use their legal knowledge and negotiation skills to reach a favorable outcome for their client.
  6. Managing client relationships: High court lawyers must build strong relationships with their clients. They keep their clients informed about the status of their legal matter, answer their questions, and provide emotional support when needed.

Overall, the role of a high court lawyer is to represent clients in complex legal matters and provide them with legal advice and guidance throughout the legal process.


  1. District Court Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  2. High Court Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  3. Family Court Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  4. MP State Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum.

By providing solution-oriented legal advice, remedy and services to his clients, his law firm has secured prominent position in legal litigation and business circles. Due to continuous trust reposed by may organizations and indvidual clients, today the firm is well recognised as one of the most reliable and reputed law firms in Indore; Madhya Pradesh, in a very short span of time. We are one of the dedicated law firm who deals in all sort of litigations and legal remedies under one roof.

He efficiently handle our clients’ disputes in all kinds of Indian Laws specialising in Litigation in fields of Civil, Criminal, Commercial, Matrimonial alongside Arbitration and Corporate-Commercial transactions. We as a legal services providers advise our clients to deal with legal disputes in most efficient ways. With our utmost positive approach and constructive results, the firm has increasingly attracted many reputed and leading organisations including MNCs from diffrent sectors as its clients. We are also frequently engaged by renowned Law Firms from across India. We offer you the right kind of legal advice with all if and buts related to all your legal issues before different Courts and Forums.

He distinguishes himself by being Responsive, Virtuous & Proactive. To safeguard clients’ interest with utmost integrity is the cornerstone of our philosophy. We take pride in delivering quick results in every assignment we undertake. Our clients strongly trust us for our prompt and professional services in legal feild and have to the point approach in finding the best legal solutions for favourable, substantial & cost effective results.

Contact Advocate J.S. Rohilla today for Indore’s most trusted and reputable representation for legal remedies in Indore.

Adv. J.S. Rohilla

Cell: 88271 22304

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