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High Court Lawyer in Indore

Advocate J.S. Rohilla Alumni of prestigious Indore Cristian College; Law College established in 1887 in Indore; Madhya Pradesh. One of the oldest and prestigious Law College of Central India. He graduated in Law; LL.B (Hons.) from DAVV of Indore. Then, he got admitted into Bar Council of Madhya Pardesh and got enrolled as an Advocate in Indore. Since then he has been practicing Civil & Criminal law at Madhya Pradesh High Court, Indore.

Advocate J.S. Rohilla provides broad spectrum of legal services in Indore to clients and well known for his expertise in Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Divorce law, Property Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Succession, Landlord Tenant Disputes, Arbitration Law, & other matters related to fundamental Rights, Motor Accident claims, Commercial Contract litigation, Consumer disputes, Service matters and Company Matters.

As a high court lawyer in Indore, I handle a diverse range of cases across various practice areas. My expertise extends to the following types of cases, where I apply my legal knowledge, advocacy skills, and dedication to secure justice for my clients:

  1. Civil Litigation:
    Civil litigation encompasses a wide spectrum of disputes that do not involve criminal charges. As a high court lawyer, I handle civil cases such as contractual disputes, property disputes, land acquisition matters, family law issues, and more. I meticulously analyze the facts, review relevant documentation, and research applicable laws to develop a strong legal strategy. I represent clients in civil court proceedings, ensuring their rights and interests are protected while seeking a favorable resolution.
  2. Criminal Law:
    In the realm of criminal law, I advocate for clients facing serious criminal charges in the high court. From bail applications to defending clients against accusations, I navigate the complexities of criminal litigation. I conduct a thorough examination of the evidence, challenge the prosecution’s case, and present a robust defense to safeguard my clients’ rights. I work diligently to ensure fair trial procedures, challenge unconstitutional laws, and seek just outcomes for those accused of criminal offenses.
  3. Constitutional Law:
    Constitutional law is a vital practice area in the high court, where I passionately advocate for the protection of fundamental rights and the interpretation of constitutional provisions. I handle cases related to the violation of constitutional rights, public interest litigation, challenges to government actions, and matters pertaining to constitutional interpretation. My role as a high court lawyer in constitutional law involves extensive legal research, meticulous drafting of writ petitions, and presenting persuasive arguments to uphold the principles of justice and equality.
  4. Commercial and Corporate Law:
    Given Indore’s status as a thriving commercial and industrial hub, I specialize in handling cases related to commercial and corporate law. I provide legal counsel to businesses, draft and review contracts, advise on corporate governance issues, and represent clients in commercial disputes. This includes matters such as contract breaches, shareholder disputes, intellectual property infringement, and mergers and acquisitions. With a keen understanding of commercial laws and market dynamics, I employ negotiation, mediation, or litigation strategies to protect my clients’ interests.
  5. Administrative Law:
    As a high court lawyer, I also engage in administrative law cases. These cases involve challenging administrative decisions, seeking remedies for unfair treatment, and holding government authorities accountable for their actions. I handle matters related to administrative law, including judicial review of administrative decisions, challenges against government policies, and issues pertaining to public interest. I carefully examine administrative records, research relevant laws, and present compelling arguments to ensure administrative fairness and adherence to legal principles.
  6. Appellate Practice:
    Appellate practice forms an integral part of my work as a high court lawyer. I handle appeals against lower court decisions, striving to reverse or modify unfavorable judgments. Whether it is civil, criminal, or constitutional matters, I meticulously review trial court records, identify legal errors, and construct persuasive arguments for appeal. I present written submissions and oral arguments before the appellate court, aiming to secure a favorable outcome for my clients by demonstrating the errors committed in the lower court.


As a high court lawyer in Indore, I handle a diverse range of cases spanning civil litigation, criminal law, constitutional law, commercial and corporate matters, administrative law, and appellate practice. Through my comprehensive legal knowledge, rigorous research, and persuasive advocacy skills, I strive to deliver justice and protect the rights of my clients. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence, I navigate the intricacies of the high court to secure favorable outcomes and uphold the principles of fairness and equity.

Contact Advocate J.S. Rohilla for any type of Civil & Criminal cases in Indore.

Adv. J.S. Rohilla

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