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Leading Law Firm In Indore

Indore’s one of the leading law firm J.S. Rohilla and Associates is located in Indore, India. The firm handles matrimonial, divorces, civil, property matters, arbitration cases, commercial contract litigation, Cyber cases and corporate cases. Since our firm has established, we have earned excellent reputation with plaintiff’s and defense bar alike. Our team is available day or night to speak to our clients.

What Make us Different From Other Law Firms In Indore

The law firm has considerable practice experience and understanding of all aspects of India’s legal realities, social, political and economic development. Our law firm in Indore has highly skilled lawyers, which fight for the clients with high dedication and concentration throughout the case- regardless of how long it takes. lawyers at our law firm in Indore have strong reputation for success and have excellent service and quality representation for our clients.

Our Law firm in Indore believe in providing legal solutions to all those people who need it badly. We believe in respect and justice, and we make sure we stick to our philosophy with our clients in pursuit of deserved justice. We meet them, spend time with them and we interview and understand their case thoroughly so that the wrongdoers are forced to take responsibility for their liability.

All initial consultations are free of charge and completely confidential at our law firm in Indore. With one phone call we can meet at our office or discuss case over the phone or on-line. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Law Firm in Indore

If you have further questions related to any litigation; feel free to contact our Law firm in Indore. Contact us by dialing +91-8827122304.

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