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Fee for certified copies at district court Indore

Fee for Certified Copies at District Court Indore

When obtaining certified copies of documents from the District Court in Indore, there are specific fees associated with this service. The fees may vary depending on the type of document, the number of pages, and the court’s regulations. Below is a detailed breakdown of the fee structure for certified copies at the District Court in Indore.

1. Application Fee

The application fee is the initial cost incurred when requesting certified copies. This fee covers the administrative expenses involved in processing your request. The exact amount of the application fee may be subject to change, so it’s essential to inquire about the current fee when you visit the court.

2. Per Page Fee

In addition to the application fee, you may also be required to pay a per-page fee for each certified copy. The court charges this fee for every page that needs to be certified. This fee takes into account the cost of copying and authenticating each page of the document.

3. Urgent Processing Fee

If you require expedited processing of your certified copies, the court may charge an additional urgent processing fee. This fee allows your request to be prioritized over others, ensuring faster delivery of the certified copies. The urgent processing fee is optional and depends on the court’s policies.

4. Postage and Handling Fee

If you opt to have the certified copies delivered to you by mail, the court may charge a postage and handling fee. This fee covers the cost of postage and packaging to ensure the secure and timely delivery of the certified copies to your preferred address.

5. Additional Charges for Large Documents

For particularly lengthy or complex documents, the court may apply additional charges. Large documents, such as lengthy court judgments or case files, may incur extra fees to account for the additional time and resources required for certification.

Payment Methods

The District Court in Indore typically accepts payment in cash for the certified copy services. However, some courts may offer alternative payment methods, such as demand drafts or electronic transfers. It is advisable to check with the court about the accepted payment methods when submitting your application.


When applying for certified copies at the District Court in Indore, you can expect to incur fees for the application, per-page charges, and possibly additional fees for urgent processing, postage, and handling, as well as large documents. The fees ensure that the court covers the costs associated with processing, copying, and authenticating the requested documents. Remember to inquire about the exact fee structure and accepted payment methods when submitting your application to ensure a smooth and successful process.

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