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How to file petition for maintenance under section 125 CRPC in Indore?

Filing a Petition for Maintenance under Section 125 CRPC in Indore: A Comprehensive Guide


Filing a petition for maintenance under Section 125 CRPC in Indore holds immense significance for individuals seeking rightful financial support. This legal provision empowers those in need to approach the court for maintenance from individuals legally bound to provide it. Navigating this process demands a clear understanding of the legal framework, meticulous documentation, and strategic execution. This guide aims to shed light on the comprehensive procedure involved in filing a maintenance petition under Section 125 CRPC in Indore, highlighting the steps necessary to ensure a fair and just outcome.

1. Understand Section 125 CRPC:
Familiarize yourself with Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CRPC), which enables individuals, including wives, children, and parents, to seek maintenance from a person legally bound to provide support.

2. Eligibility and Jurisdiction:
Determine if you are eligible to file a maintenance petition under Section 125 CRPC. Also, identify the appropriate jurisdictional court in Indore to file the petition.

3. Gather Necessary Documents:
Collect essential documents, such as proof of marriage, birth certificates, income documents, and evidence of neglect or refusal to provide maintenance.

4. Consult a Lawyer:
Seek legal counsel from a knowledgeable lawyer who specializes in family law matters and can guide you through the process.

5. Draft the Petition:
Prepare a detailed petition outlining your relationship, financial dependency, circumstances of neglect, and the relief sought.

6. Pay the Filing Fee:
Pay the requisite court filing fee when submitting the petition to the appropriate family court in Indore.

7. Notarize Affidavit:
Prepare an affidavit along with the petition, affirming the facts mentioned in the petition are true to the best of your knowledge.

8. Serve Notice to the Respondent:
Ensure the respondent is served a legal notice, informing them of the maintenance petition and the court date.

9. Attend Court Hearings:
Appear before the court on the scheduled date. Ensure all supporting documents and witnesses are present.

10. Respondent’s Reply:
The respondent will have the opportunity to file a reply to the maintenance petition, presenting their side of the case.

11. Present Evidence:
Support your case with evidence like financial records, income documents, and witnesses to prove the need for maintenance.

12. Cross-Examination:
Both parties may be cross-examined by their respective lawyers to establish the veracity of claims and counterclaims.

13. Settlement Possibilities:
Consider mediation or negotiation to reach an out-of-court settlement if both parties are willing.

14. Court Decision:
The court will evaluate the evidence presented by both parties and decide whether to grant maintenance and the amount.

15. Issuance of Order:
If the court decides in your favor, it will issue an order directing the respondent to pay the maintenance amount.

16. Enforcement of Order:
If the respondent fails to comply with the court order, take legal measures to enforce the order, such as attachment of property or wages.

17. Appeal Possibility:
If dissatisfied with the court’s decision, either party can appeal the verdict to a higher court within the stipulated time.

18. Compliance and Review:
Regularly review the maintenance order to ensure compliance and make necessary adjustments based on changing circumstances.

19. Seek Legal Advice:
Throughout the process, consult your lawyer for guidance on legal nuances and potential strategies to strengthen your case.

20. Preserve Documentation:
Keep copies of all documents, including the petition, court orders, and correspondence, as they may be required for future reference.


In conclusion, the procedure to file a petition for maintenance under Section 125 CRPC in Indore embodies the quest for justice and sustenance for individuals rightfully entitled to financial support. By adhering to a systematic approach, involving legal professionals, and presenting compelling evidence, petitioners can navigate the legal intricacies to secure the maintenance they deserve. This process is a testament to the legal system’s commitment to ensuring the welfare of those in need, reiterating the importance of adherence to law and due process in achieving a just resolution. Filing a petition for maintenance under Section 125 CRPC in Indore involves a methodical approach, legal expertise, and proper documentation. So take advice from a family lawyer in Indore. By following these steps diligently and seeking appropriate legal guidance, you can navigate the process effectively and secure the necessary maintenance support.

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