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How to register a contract in indore?


Registering a contract is a critical legal process that brings authenticity and enforceability to written agreements between parties. In the city of Indore, contract registration is governed by the Registration Act, 1908, and it involves following specific procedures at the Sub-Registrar Office (SRO). This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to contract registration in Indore, with detailed explanations of each stage, ensuring that parties understand the importance of this process and adhere to the necessary requirements. By registering contracts properly, individuals can safeguard their rights, prevent disputes, and establish legally valid agreements in the city.

Registering a Contract in Indore: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Understanding Contract Registration: Contract registration is the process of legally recording a written agreement between two or more parties with the relevant authorities to ensure its authenticity and enforceability.
  2. Selecting the Appropriate Registration Office: In Indore, contracts are typically registered at the Sub-Registrar Office (SRO) having jurisdiction over the area where the property or subject matter of the contract is located.
  3. Gathering Essential Documents: Prepare all necessary documents, including the original contract, identity proofs of the parties involved, address proof, and two passport-sized photographs of each party.
  4. Stamp Duty Payment: Calculate the applicable stamp duty on the contract based on the state’s stamp duty rates. Purchase the required non-judicial stamp paper of the appropriate value.
  5. Creating an Index-II: Draft an Index-II, which is a summary of the contract’s key details, such as names of parties, property description (if applicable), contract value, and stamp duty paid.
  6. Visiting the Sub-Registrar Office: Visit the designated SRO in Indore with all the necessary documents, including the original contract and the stamp paper.
  7. Document Verification: The Sub-Registrar will scrutinize the documents to ensure they are complete and in compliance with the registration requirements.
  8. Execution of the Contract: All parties involved in the contract must appear before the Sub-Registrar for its execution. They may need to sign the contract in the presence of witnesses.
  9. Payment of Registration Fees: Pay the applicable registration fees based on the contract’s value at the SRO’s cash counter.
  10. Photograph and Biometric Data: The parties’ photographs and biometric data will be captured during the registration process.
  11. Submission of Documents: Submit all the original documents, including the contract, stamp paper, and index, along with copies of identity proofs and address proofs of the parties.
  12. Verification and Data Entry: The Sub-Registrar will verify the details and enter the contract’s information into the registration system.
  13. Recording the Contract: The contract will be officially recorded in the Registrar’s database, and a unique registration number will be assigned.
  14. Issuance of Registration Certificate: Once the registration process is complete, the Sub-Registrar will issue a registration certificate containing the registration details.
  15. Collecting Certified Copies: After registration, you can collect certified copies of the registered contract from the Sub-Registrar Office by paying the prescribed fees.
  16. Timeframe for Registration: Contract registration should ideally be completed within four months from the date of execution. However, you may apply for an extension with valid reasons if required.
  17. Post-Registration Execution: The registered contract will now be legally binding and enforceable in case of any disputes or legal actions.
  18. Updating Property Records: In case the contract involves immovable property, the registration will lead to the updating of property records, reflecting the change of ownership or interest.
  19. Transfer of Rights: For property-related contracts, such as sale deeds or lease agreements, the transfer of rights will be considered complete only after registration.
  20. Seek Legal Assistance: If you are unfamiliar with the registration process or need legal advice, consider consulting a qualified lawyer to ensure a smooth and error-free contract registration in Indore.


In conclusion, registering a contract in Indore is an essential step to validate and safeguard agreements between parties. Understanding the process, selecting the correct SRO, gathering all necessary documents, and paying stamp duty and registration fees are crucial aspects of the registration procedure. The contract’s execution, verification, data entry, and record keeping are meticulously carried out at the Sub-Registrar Office. The issuance of a registration certificate and collection of certified copies further solidify the contract’s legal standing.

By adhering to this step-by-step guide and seeking legal assistance when required, individuals can ensure a smooth and error-free contract registration process in Indore. Registration not only bolsters the authenticity and enforceability of contracts but also provides a secure foundation for resolving potential disputes and maintaining the rights of all parties involved. Ultimately, contract registration in Indore empowers individuals and businesses to conduct transactions and agreements with confidence, fostering a transparent and legally sound environment for contractual dealings.

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