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MACT (Motor Accidents Claim Tribunal) Lawyer in Indore

With the evolution of civilization of men, the actions of negligence became an actionable error. In English law, a person or legal associate of the deceased who has died due to the negligent action of others may recoup damages under tortious law in addition to initiating criminal proceedings. Consequently, the carrying on of negligence by losses to the opposite individuals paving the way for institution of action. Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal have been set up by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. it’s been constituted to produce speedier remedy to the victims of accident by automobiles. The jurisdiction of Civil Courts is taken away by the Tribunals within the matters which concerns the Motor Accidents Claims Tribunal. Appeals from Claims Tribunal lies with High Courts. The appeal is limited by time of 90 days and must be filed in the high court within the said period of 90 days from the date of award of Claims Tribunal.

The Motor Vehicles Act,1988 is a comprehensive legislation with the aim of enhancing road safety. It also serves the aim of welfare legislation by providing for compensation in case of loss of life or limb due to accidents by automobiles. Section-2(30) of the Act defines who is the ‘owner’. “Owner” is the individual in whose name a motor vehicle stands registered, and where such person may be a minor, the guardian of such minor, and in reference to a motor vehicle which is the subject of a hire-purchase agreement, or an agreement of lease or an agreement of hypothecation, the person in possession of the vehicle under that particular agreement. Motor Accident Claims Tribunals [MACT Courts] affect claims concerning loss of life/property and injury cases resulting from Motor Accidents. The Claims are to be directly filed in the concerned Motor Accident Claim Tribunal. The Judicial Officers from Indore Higher Judicial Service preside over the MACT Courts.

We are a MACT Lawyer in Indore, specialized in Motor Vehicle Claim Cases. When people have a legal problem, they need a lawyer with the experience to handle their case. Even the best of your attention towards road safety rules cannot always avoid the negligence of others actions. A car accident is a traumatic experience. A motor accident can turn your life upside down.That is why you need to be prepared to take the necessary steps to protect yourself in the event of a Gurgaon car accident.

If you are in a car crash and have questions about your legal rights, contact an experienced Indore car accident advocate before you talk with the insurance company or the person at fault. Anyone injured and looking at a potential settlement ought to take the time to have the offer reviewed in a free consultation by a Motor Vehicle Claim lawyer. Signing the wrong papers or making wrong statements could mean you have settled for far less than you deserve.

What You Say Can Hurt You:

Anything you tell or give in writing to the police, other party or the motor insurance company about the accident can and will be used against you later. Your statements can affect your financial settlement (to receive the maximum monetary benefits to which you may be entitled) and your legal liability.

Stick to the Facts:

Telling someone the side of road you were driving is fact. Saying you feel you were at fault, is an opinion. Stick to the facts when speaking to the police or other party after the auto accident. Don’t refrain from stating the facts, but don’t offer your opinions.

Don’t Talk to Strangers:

At the scene of the accident, don’t do a lot of talking about the accident. Cooperate with the police and only talk to the police about the accident. Be honest but avoid making admissions or guessing.

Let Your Advocate Do the Talking:

If you were not at fault we can protect your rights.

Disclaimer: This information is intended for general guidance only and does not constitute legal advice. Please consult with a qualified lawyer for personalized advice specific to your situation.

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