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Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Cases Lawyers in Indore

Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Cases Lawyers in Indore

We as a Motor Vehicle Accident Claim Cases Lawyers in Indore offers solutions and prompt legal advise and guidance to our clients on Motor vehicle accident claim cases. Team ms legal associates backed by set of experienced law practitioners in vehicle accident claim cases. Now a day- s ordinary peoples have fear to entering the legal disputes due to heavy service charges and long judgmental period. But our organization providing effective legal advise in an effective cost that even an ordinary people can bear. We choose right legal professionals for our clients that matching their requirements.

A claim under a motor insurance policy could be for either of the two injuries:

– Damage to other, which includes injury or damage to property related to someone else. This person is called the “third party”;

– Damage to self, which includes damage to a person- s own insured vehicle. This is called “own damage claim” and one is entitled to it if they are holding a package or a comprehensive policy.

In a third party claim where a person- s vehicle is involved, it is imperative to report the accident immediately to the police authorities as well as the insurance company. However, for a third party who has suffered loss because of someone else- s vehicle, the injured party must obtain the insurance details of the vehicle and make an intimation to the insurer of that vehicle. In the event of an own damage claim, which is where the person’s own vehicle is damaged due to an accident, the person must immediately inform the insurance company and police, wherever required, to enable them to depute a surveyor to assess the loss.


An application for compensation arising out of an accident under Section 166 of Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 may be made:-

– By the person who has sustained the injury, or

– By the owner of the property, or

– Where the death has resulted from the accident, by the legal representative/s of the deceased, or

– By any agent duly authorized by the person injured.

We the team of lawyers in Indore and legal consultants guides you for the proper filing of motor vehicle accident cases in the appropriate courts.

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