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Civil Court Advocate in Indore

As a Civil Court Advocate in Indore let me tell you something about the Civil Laws in India.

Civil law comprises of substantive and procedural law, Civil Court Cases, the Judicial & Quasi-Judicial Courts & Fora, the Petition and Documents comprising of Legal Notice, Police Complaint, Court Complaint, Suit, Plaint, Petition, Reply, Written Statement, Rejoinder, Replication, Affidavit, Application, Settlement, Agreement, Memorandum of Settlement (MOU), Family Settlement, Will, Gift Deed, Partition Deed, Adoption Document, Custody Settlement, etc. The Civil Courts have ample power to adjudicate upon the matters of Civil nature, including inherent powers under Section-151 of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. The Courts try cases under Original Jurisdiction and entertain Appeal, Reference, Review & Revision under appellate jurisdiction. Jurisdiction of a Civil Court depends on several factors, namely, where the cause of action arose, where the suit property is situated, the value of the suit property, etc. Jurisdiction can also be classified as Original Side, Appellate, Extra Ordinary, Constitutional & Inherent Jurisdiction.

The stages of the proceeding before the Court of law are well set in the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 for the following tasks: Filing Of Documents, Framing Of Issues, filing List Of Witness, examination and cross examination of plaintiff witnesses [PE], examination and cross examination of Defendant witnesses [DE], Final Hearing, etc, passing of final order and judgment. Either of the parties- Plaintiff  or Defendant could resort to the appellate avenues- Appeal, Reference, Review & Revision, all well laid down under the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. There is a well set procedure for filing of Appeal, Review and Revision, etc., like what should accompany an Appeal, Reference, Review & Revision, and in what time limit they got to be filed.

The law in regard to the “Execution” of the Court Orders/ Judgments/ Decree is distinctly laid down in the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

Vital Suits/Petitions we file as a Civil Court Advocate in Indore

  • Suits Relating To Property;
  • Suits For Damages & Compensation;
  • Suits For Specific Performance Of Contracts;
  • Suits Breach Of Contracts;
  • Suits For Specific Reliefs;
  • Suits For Rendition Of Account;
  • Suits For Rights Of Franchise;
  • Suits Against Wrongful Dismissal From Service;
  • Suit Seeking Stay On Transfer Of Service;
  • Petitions For Restitution Of Conjugal Rights;
  • Petitions For Dissolution Of Marriages;
  • Petitions For Eviction of Tenant;
  • Petitions For Child custody; Etc.
  • Injunction & Stay Suits/Applications.

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