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Money Recovery Suit in Indore

Money Recovery Suit in Indore: A Guide Based on CPC Provisions

Seeking recovery of outstanding dues through a Money Recovery Suit in Indore is governed by the provisions of the Civil Procedure Code (CPC), 1908. Here’s a detailed breakdown based on CPC:


  • Value of Suit: For suits exceeding ₹20,000, the District Court, Indore, has jurisdiction. For suits up to ₹20,000, the relevant Civil Court within your area of jurisdiction (Mhow, Sanwer, Depalpur, Hatod) will handle the case.

Filing the Suit:

  • Plaint: File a plaint with the concerned court, outlining the cause of action (e.g., unpaid loan, breach of contract), amount claimed, evidence supporting your claim, and relief sought (e.g., monetary payment, interest).
  • Court Fees: Pay the requisite court fees depending on the value of the suit.


  • Summons: The court issues summons to the defendant, notifying them of the suit and directing their appearance on a specific date.
  • Written Statement: The defendant files a written statement admitting or denying the claims and presenting their defense.
  • Pleadings: Parties exchange pleas and documents to establish their respective positions.
  • Evidence: Present witness testimonies, documents, contracts, or other relevant evidence to support your claim.
  • Arguments: Both parties present their arguments in court, highlighting relevant laws and precedents.
  • Judgment: The judge analyzes the evidence and arguments, then delivers a judgment upholding or rejecting your claim.

CPC-Specific Provisions:

  • Order 26, Rule 8 (a): Allows for summary disposal of a money recovery suit if the defendant fails to appear or defend without sufficient cause.
  • Order 34, Rules 1-8: Deals with interrogatories, allowing you to seek written answers from the defendant on specific points related to the case.
  • Order 21, Rule 96: Specifies rules for attachment of the defendant’s property before judgment to secure the potential debt.
  • Section 75(f): Grants the court discretion to dismiss a suit for non-payment of court fees.


  • There are no set timeframes for money recovery suits, as they depend on factors like evidence complexity, witness availability, and court backlog. However, aiming for swift completion is best to minimize costs and delays.


  • Court fees, lawyer’s fees, and other litigation expenses contribute to the overall cost of the suit. Carefully consider the financial implications before initiating legal proceedings.

Seeking Legal Assistance:

Engaging a competent lawyer familiar with CPC procedures is highly recommended. They can guide you through the process, handle legal paperwork, present arguments in court, and maximize your chances of success.

Additional Resources:

  • E-Courts Portal: (for case status information)
  • District & Sessions Court, Indore:
  • Madhya Pradesh State Legal Services Authority: (for free legal aid guidance)

Remember, this information is for general guidance only and does not substitute for professional legal advice. Consult a lawyer for specific advice and representation in your money recovery suit.

I hope this detailed overview based on CPC helps you navigate the process of filing a Money Recovery Suit in Indore.

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