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NCLT e-Filing Procedure in Indore

NCLT e-Filing Procedure in Indore: Here’s a general outline of the e-Filing Procedure, likely applicable to most NCLT benches, including Indore:

1. Registration on the E-Filing Portal:

  • Visit the NCLT e-Filing portal:
  • Create an account: Select your user type (individual, advocate, company, etc.) and provide necessary details.
  • Verify identity: Upload a proof of identity and authenticate your mobile number/email.
  • Generate login credentials: Create a login ID and password.

2. Digital Signature:

  • Obtain a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC): Acquire a DSC from a registered Certifying Authority.
  • Install DSC software: Set up the DSC software and drivers on your system.
  • Configure browser: Enable your web browser to use the DSC.

3. Case/Application Creation:

  • Log in to the portal: Access the portal using your login credentials.
  • Initiate case/application: Select “Create New Case” or “Create New Application” as needed.
  • Provide case details: Enter the petitioner/applicant’s name, respondent(s) name, nature of the case, relevant legal sections, and the NCLT bench location (Indore).

4. Document Preparation:

  • Draft documents: Prepare all required documents in PDF/A or OCR-searchable PDF format.
  • Bookmark documents: Properly bookmark each document according to the NCLT’s Master Index.
  • Electronically sign documents: Use your DSC to sign each document.

5. Uploading Documents:

  • Access case dashboard: Within the e-filing dashboard, select the created case/application.
  • Upload documents: Click on “Upload Documents” and choose the relevant document types.
  • Submit documents: Upload the signed PDF documents, ensuring descriptive file names.

6. Payment of Fees:

  • Pay online: Pay the applicable filing fees through the portal’s integrated payment gateway.

7. Submission and Verification:

  • Review and submit: Carefully review all uploaded documents and submit the e-filing.
  • Acknowledgement receipt: Generate and print an acknowledgement receipt for future reference.

8. Case Tracking:

  • Monitor status: Track the status of your case/application through the “My Cases” or “My Applications” section of the portal.
  • Receive updates: Stay informed about case developments via notifications on the portal or through email/SMS.


  • Consult official resources: Always refer to the official NCLT Indore website or contact their helpdesk for the most up-to-date information and specific procedural guidelines.
  • Seek professional guidance: For complex cases or legal queries, consider seeking assistance from a qualified advocate or legal professional or NCLT Lawyer in Indore.

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