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Services Provided by Civil Lawyer in Indore

  • Civil Lawyer for Online legal services and legal advice
  • Expert team for all legal services with precision
  • Civil Injunctions including Permanent and Mandatory Injunctions
  • Expert and qualified advocates for Suit for Declaration
  • Suit for partition and other civil cases
  • Suit for Recovery of money
  • Civil lawyer for Suit Mesne Profits
  • Suit for recovery of civil damages
  • Suit for recovery of possession
  • Civil defamation suit
  • Filing and defending of  Civil Appeals before High Courtand Supreme Court.
  • Excellent civil lawyer for civil Revisions, FAO, RSA and all such petitions.
  • Filing and defending of Execution proceedings for execution of civil decrees and all the related proceedings .
  • Supreme Court lawyer for Transfer Petition (TP) before Supreme Court of India for transfer of case from one state to another.
  • Breach of contract matters arsing out of business and commercial transactions.
  • Enforcement of contract, enforcement of Arbitration Agreement matters.
  • Specific Performance matters.
  • Recovery of business dues, supply chain disputes, damages arising out of loss of goods.
  • Civil law advises on all civil law matters by team of highly qualified and expert Indian Civil Lawyer.
  • Online legal advice and legal services for civil laws for quick and easy resolution of civil disputes.
  • All types of Contingent Civil Matters including Mortgage laws.
  • All types of property dispute matters.
  • Drafting and vetting of all types Of online Legal Documents related to contracts, agreements, sale and purchase, transfer, assignment of property or auction able rights.
  • IPR, Copyright and Patent disputes involving civil laws, enforcement of rights.

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