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Civil Litigation Lawyer in Indore

Civil Litigation Lawyer in Indore

We provides legal services in Indore to our clients for civil litigation under civil laws including money recovery, recovery disputes, suits related to children, wards, guardianships, estate, property, custody, execution, claims, partitions and various petitions etc, under any law viz, law related to property, children, guardianship, recovery, marriage, succession, will, estate, probate, administration etc, and before any courts, Tribunals, Commissions, Boards and other Judicial or Quasi-Judicial Authorities throughout India. These services include advising, drafting pleading and appearing in the courts, etc.

When an issue needs to be resolved through civil litigation, it is imperative that you seek the assistance of a skilled civil lawyer in Indore. you can trust. At J.S. Rohilla Legal Services , we have gathered a group of some of the most talented and dedicated lawyers for civil litigations. We can provide you with the resources and guidance required to effectively approach your civil litigation matters. Your rights and interests will be safeguarded from start to finish.

We provide following legal services in Indore as a Civil Lawyer:

  • Suit for recovery of money, estate, property (Movable or immovable), debts, dues etc.
  • Suit for specific performances of contacts or agreements;
  • Suit for partition of movable or immovable properties;
  • Suit for permanent/mandatory/temporary injunctions;
  • Suit for declaration;
  • Petitions under child and wards act, guardianship act..ect
  • Petition for custody of children, wards, appointments of gradians etc.
  • Petition for obtaining probate/letter of administration / succession certificate;
  • Suits under Hindu succession and Indian Succession Act;
  • Petition related to election disputes;
  • Accident Claims before MACT
  • Recovery of Debts Due to financial institutions before DRTs.
  • Petitions before CAT under Service Laws,
  • Petitions before SEBI/FERA/MRTP board/tribunals etc;
  • Writs petitions before High Courts and Supreme Courts;
  • Revision, Review, Appeal, Special leave to Appeal etc.
  • Any other petitions permissible by code of civil procedure, 1908.

We also provide the legal services related to conveyencing of Following Documents, Notices, Deeds and Agreements:

  • Notices
  • WILL, Gift, Sale Deed etc
  • Tenders
  • Agreements
  • Deeds (Gift Deed, Sale Deed, Trust Deed.. etc.)
  • MOU
  • Settlement or compromise Deed/Agreements.
  • Resolutions;

civil lawyer, is who generally handles non-criminal cases, including trusts, titles, wills, divorce, personal disputes, injuries, and many more. As civil lawyers, we predominantly work on the civil lawsuits of a civil court. A civil lawsuit encompasses either two persons or groups seeking allowance or compensation from the other one. Civil law primarily focuses on the personal property, liaison, relationship, family, etc. As the leading civil lawyer in Indore we provide the best attorneys who are substantively informed about civil laws like no other lawyers.

Our team is highly experienced in handling a wide range of disputes, providing practical and expert legal advice to our clients to resolve disputes quickly and cost-effectively. We understand that Litigation can be a stressful experience, particularly when you are unsure about the costs and process involved. By understanding our clients’ individual requirements, we are able to look after their interests to ensure and we provide the best possible legal advice. We focus on the issues most important to our client, identifying what they hope to achieve through litigation.

We know that Litigation can be expensive, we always seek the best possible settlement for our clients and exert pressure from an early stage to spare them the cost and uncertainty of long-running litigation. Our client-focused approach allows us to provide tailored advice aimed at achieving an outcome which our client will consider successful. Our team will provide you with an honest assessment of the costs implications of different options, allowing you to fully appreciate the costs issues before initiating litigation. We seek to settle disputes through negotiation wherever possible to keep costs down, which may involve alternative dispute resolution by mediation or arbitration.

However, if a satisfactory outcome cannot be reached, court action may be necessary. Our experienced Litigation team will support you through the entire process, applying their outstanding knowledge and expertise to the presentation of your case in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

We care about providing tailored advice to meet your individual requirements. Our team will work closely with you to understand your needs and deliver best service with a genuinely personal touch.

Adcocate J.S. Rohilla (Civil & Criminal Lawyer in Indore)

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