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Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2023 – RTO Fine

Madhya Pradesh Traffic Police Challan Rates List 2023 – RTO Fine:

OffenceFine (Rs.)
Driving without a license5,000 (first offence), 10,000 (subsequent offence)
Driving under the influence of alcohol10,000 (first offence), 15,000 (subsequent offence)
Using a mobile phone while driving500 (first offence), 1,000 (subsequent offence)
Not wearing a helmet500 (first offence), 1,000 (subsequent offence)
Not wearing a seat belt1,000 (first offence), 2,000 (subsequent offence)
Carrying more passengers than the vehicle’s capacity500 (first offence), 1,000 (subsequent offence)
Parking in a no-parking zone500 (first offence), 1,000 (subsequent offence)
Obstructing traffic500 (first offence), 1,000 (subsequent offence)
Not giving way to emergency vehicles500 (first offence), 1,000 (subsequent offence)
Overspeeding (up to 20% of the speed limit)400
Overspeeding (up to 30% of the speed limit)1,000
Overspeeding (more than 30% of the speed limit)3,000
Disobedience of traffic signals500
Dangerous driving1,000 to 3,000
Using a tinted glass500
Carrying a minor without a guardian500
Wrong parking500 to 1,000
Driving without insurance2,000 (first offence), 4,000 (subsequent offence)
Driving a vehicle without a registration number500

It is important to note that these are just the fines for some of the most common traffic violations in Madhya Pradesh. There are many other violations that are punishable by fines, so it is always best to consult the Motor Vehicle Act 2019 for more information.

You can pay your traffic challan online through the Madhya Pradesh Transport Department’s website or through the MPOnline portal. You can also pay your challan offline at any authorized bank or post office.

If you fail to pay your traffic challan within the stipulated time, you may be liable for additional penalties and interest. You may also be barred from renewing your driving license or registering your vehicle.

It is important to obey traffic rules and regulations to keep yourself and others safe on the road. By paying your traffic challan on time, you can help to make Madhya Pradesh’s roads safer for everyone.

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